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Your smile says a lot about you and it's the first thing that people see when they meet you, so having a nice, bright white smile is something that you need to have. We know that it can be confidence-destroying having yellow teeth and that's why we have developed the best teeth whitening products around. Using the simple application, you can have beaming smile in just 30 minutes and it's scientifically proven to work. It's not just the colour of your teeth that changes, studies show that if you have nice white teeth that it also makes you appear younger too!

Unlike many other products on the market the Mint Cosmetics is hailed as the best teeth whitening products as it has a unique blend of ingredients that are 35% sodium bicarbonate which means you only have to wear it for half an hour to see results. Normally, you have to wait overnight for results to happen, but with the use-at-home kit you can make an instant change to your smile and your confidence in just 30 minutes.

Mint Cosmetics

What are the best teeth whitening products?

When you're looking for the best teeth whitening products then you should take a look at what dentists use. The Mint Cosmetics product uses the same gel as dental professionals and that means it brings instant results. The customised mouth trays are of laboratory quality and the results are also guaranteed. When you need the best tooth whitening product, then this is what you need.

In just one application you can see your teeth turn many shades lighter, and with around 50 treatments in the kit you can have stunningly white teeth for years to come. Many people want to find a whitening teeth product that they can use at home, as clinical treatments are very expensive and well out of the price range for many people, and that's why when it comes to tooth whitening, people prefer to do it themselves.

In the past, home teeth whitening UK kits were expensive, difficult to use and very uncomfortable having to wear the mouth shields overnight which leads to a poor night's sleep and more often than not a poor result in whitening the teeth. With Mint Cosmetics, you can be confident in buying the best teeth whitening products around as they have many years' experience and have developed a scientifically proven remedy for yellow and stained teeth.

For those people in the UK that are struggling with their smile and are paranoid about others looking at them for having yellowing teeth, this is the ideal opportunity to change their lives around. With a tooth whitening gel that works in just 30 minutes and is very affordable it's better than having to visit your dentist and go through uncomfortable, and very expensive, treatment. As the gel has carbamide peroxide in it, the best results are seen a few days later as it takes time for the ingredients to work on the plaque and yellow stains. Once you see the results, you will be an instant convert and wonder why you haven't been whitening your teeth sooner!

If you have sensitive teeth, other teeth whitening products can be very painful but as Mint Cosmetics uses a special gel that has sodium bicarbonate and other ingredients that break down the plaque on your teeth, it is safe, pain-free and easy to achieve fantastic results in such a short space of time. In fact, the process uses oxygen as the active ingredient and the others turn the stains into small molecules that the oxygen and carbon dioxide can break down. Digging deep into the dentine the ingredients not only clean up the staining but bring out the whiteness in your teeth, and you will notice the results are many shades whiter after just one application.

When it comes to buying the best teeth whitening products around, you must be careful as there are some products that use dangerous chemicals and aren't backed by research. With Mint Cosmetic's special gel it's safe and works together with oxygen can breaks down the stains carefully, and is a slow release of active ingredients so it works deep in the enamel, and the results can be seen very quickly indeed.

Tooth whitening products work as the hydrogen peroxide breaks down to water and oxygen, which then oxidises the carbon bonds that lives on the enamel of your teeth, causing the yellowing. Then, it removes the stain molecules' colour so the teeth are whiter shade by shade, and this is how the results are so fast and so safe to use. The sodium bicarbonate reacts and cleans the teeth, and it's the scientific way the active ingredients work together and break down the stained parts of the teeth. You'll see that you will feel better about your smile and more confident almost immediately after the first application and certainly by day 4 or 5 after the initial application.

If you're looking for for a product for whitening teeth and have tried the supposed best teeth whitening products then try Mint Cosmetics and use the same ingredients that dental professionals use.