The Art of Bleaching Teeth

bleaching teeth

Bleaching teeth has become a very popular procedure these days. With many individuals opting for it, with the hope of making their teeth purer and keeping their smiles beautiful. Teeth bleaching is a special aspect of dental medicine, and it helps to get the teeth whiter in case age is already takings its toll on the enamel. This procedure may not be needed in kids since their teeth can still maintain its colour. However, an adult may have to depend on the procedure to help get his teeth cleaned. Age tends to affect the colour of the teeth, and such a procedure may be required to get the teeth clean again.

Bleaching teeth can be carried out in your local dental clinic and it can also be carried out at home. It involves the use of appropriately diluted bleach. Some of the diluted bleach solutions are already prepared, and they only need to be applied on the teeth in a special way at the hospital. It is also possible to get the solution over the counter. In case you want to carry out the bleaching teeth procedure at home, you can walk down into any of the chemists around town and get your hands on the bleaching solution. Which you can then easily apply to your teeth without ever stepping into the dentists.

Different Bleaching Products

Bleaching products made for home use come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be had in the form of toothpaste, rinses, gels and chewing gums. While it is possible to get your teeth whitened at home using any of the home bleaching teeth methods, it is still advisable that you consult your dentist. Your dentist knows the right bleaching solution that will not have any negative effect on your enamel and he also knows how to apply it safely and appropriately.

The Use of Gel

Gel can also be used to get the bleaching done appropriately. Gel can work on the enamel and get it bleached; leaving whiter teeth in its wake. The gel can however be in the form of high concentration gel or low concentration gel. Either of this can be used on your teeth at the dentists and they can also be applied safely at home. Carbamide peroxide is the material of choice for making the gel bleaching agent. It is very easy to get the compound over the counter and use it at home to get your teeth bleached. While carrying out the procedure at home, the gel should be left on the skin for about 20 minutes, though of course you should consult the individual manufacturers instructions. The gel should be applied up to two more times after which the teeth should be washed.

High concentration gel is however more effective than low concentration gel method for bleaching your teeth. There is rarely any hospital that will carry out low concentration gel method; the method is mostly performed at home.


Lasers are also used extensively for bleaching teeth and this method can only be performed at the dentists’ office. Laser bleaching is considerably expensive in comparison with any other methods of getting your teeth bleached, however it is by far the most effective, with people often quite staggered by the difference from just a single treatment. Plasma arc, LED or halogen are different sources of light used in laser procedures and each of the light sources is dependable to get the job done, as all they are doing is activating a bleaching compound that is applied to the teeth beforehand.

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