Best Way To Whiten Teeth

best way to whiten teeth

With whiter teeth, you will look more presentable. You will also feel healthier; considering the fact that good dental health can improve general well being. In order to look more presentable, several individuals out there are seeking info on how to get their teeth nice and white. There are so many methods by which you can get your teeth whitened it can often be a little daunting at first to know which is the best way to whiten teeth. You can pay a visit to the dentist, who will help to get things rolling and advise you on what he can do. You can also get the whole thing done at home using some basic home grown methods.

The dentist or the home?

As mentioned earlier, you can get your teeth whitened either at the dentists or at home. At the dental clinic, the dentist will make use of several methods to help improve the look of your smile. He can make use of laser treatment on your teeth and you can also be required to go through minor surgery, which will involve the use of some simple surgical equipment to scrape your teeth and make them whiter, or perhaps a laser to bleach the teeth. This method can be said to be the best way to whiten teeth. The only problem most people are having with the method is the issue of the its cost. You may have to pay above £400 to get the teeth whitened by your dentist.

In case you do not have the money to pay for cosmetic dentistry, you can always depend on several home methods to get the job done. You can make use of diluted bleach to whiten your teeth, which needs to be diluted to about 20% concentration and this will help to remove any discoloration from your teeth. In place of the bleach, you can also use hydrogen peroxide to get your teeth whitened. The hydrogen peroxide also has a bleaching effect on your teeth which will help to get the teeth whitened also. Hydrogen peroxide can be harsh on the tissue in the mouth and we cannot stress strongly enough how important it is to not mix your own at home, as you can cause serious damage to yourself should the levels not be correct. It should therefore be appropriately diluted before use. Either of the methods can be said to be the best way to whiten teeth as they do not cost much and they also help get the job done within a short period of time.

In place of hydrogen peroxide and bleach, you can also mix malic acid, straw berry and baking soda together. Make a paste out of them and apply the paste on the teeth. This can get your teeth whitened within just a week of consistent application.


While you are looking for the best way to whiten teeth, you need to consider the issue of cost and the level of safety of the method. In terms of cost, it may be better to make use of any of the home methods; since they are far cheaper. In terms of safety, it may be better to make use of any of the dentists methods. The methods will be performed by professionals and you can be sure of complete safety while such methods are being applied.