Choosing a Teeth Whitener – Important Considerations to Keep in Mind

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Many of us already have tainted or discoloured teeth and it is not surprising that we are looking for ways to get our teeth clean and whitened, particularly for those of us approaching our senior ages. You see, food materials and several other things accumulate on the teeth over time and change the colour from its natural white to a darker shade. Thankfully for those of us affected, there are several teeth whitener products that you can depend upon to help you get your teeth white again. However, before you choose any product, there are some simple things you will do well to keep in mind.

Do your homework!

Before you make use of any teeth whitener product, you need to carry out in-depth research on the product to find out how reliable the product really is. Many of the manufactures make bogus claims of how reliable their products are, so it is not in your best interest to take their words for it. Instead, carry out personal research about the product to find out if it will really give you the highly sought after whiter teeth.

What are the reviews saying?

Before you make use of any product to whiten your teeth, find out first what the reviews are saying about that product as it is likely that someone would have used the product before. Such individuals would have a thing or two to say about the product. That said, you should be very careful while you are reading the reviews, as some of the reviews can actually be stage managed. It is therefore better to search out for the reviews on the same product from several different sources. You should not expect 100% perfection from any teeth whitener product. This is because such a thing is unattainable. If you can get about 70% positive review about any product, you can still rely on the product to help in making your teeth whiter.

Does it contain fluoride?

Fluoride is a very common constituent of many types of toothpaste and teeth cleaning products. It had however been discovered that fluoride does not fair well on the teeth; it can even taint and discolour the teeth. Whilst this sounds unbelievable, it is the little known truth about fluoride. However you shouldn’t necessarily flee from any product that contains fluoride as it is only dangerous in large quantities.

The need for something more

It is not only the use of teeth whitening products that can make your teeth whiter. What you eat also has an impact on how your teeth fair and of courseĀ  you should try to avoid smoking. Excessive consumption of tea and coffee too is not good for your teeth. If you love to drink fizzy drinks, you should carefully monitor the quantity you take as this too can stain the tooth when excessive quantities are consumed.


After a cup of tea or coffee, you should wash and rinse your teeth with water. Make it a point of note to wash your teeth before you go to bed. These simple procedures alone can be helpful more than some teeth whitener products.

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