Easy Home Teeth Whitening

home teeth whitening

Do those pearly whites look not so pearly white anymore? Perhaps they have even turned a few shades of yellow? Maybe it’s all of the coffee or tea that has been hitting those teeth day after day, week after week. If like me you found it frustrating to go to the likes of boots and see so many products (and prices) and not know what to choose? Many people choose to go to their local dentist, whilst spending hundreds of pounds or more on fancy procedures and equipment. Sometimes, all of the money that is spent on these very expensive procedures doesn’t leave their teeth that much better than when they first started. Since many people don’t like going to their local dentist anyway, they usually try to avoid going to their dentist as much as possible.

Well, who could blame them? Remember those visits? Laying back in the chair, all kinds of instruments and people probing everywhere, and it costs a lot too. That would make most people shudder to even think about. Other people may go to the local pharmacy and buy over the counter home teeth whitening kits whilst others may try some remedies that their mums and dads used many years ago.

Not sure which method to choose? Have no fear, because there is a product out there that can whiten your teeth whilst you are at home. Better yet, it starts to work in only 30 minutes! Gone are the days of expensive dentist’s visits for teeth whitening.

What if there was a better way?
A product that is so advanced that it can be used at home, at much less cost than the local dentist’s expensive equipment and procedures, and takes only 30 minutes? Well, such a product exists…and it’s called Mint Cosmetics. Mint Cosmetics is an at-home teeth whitening kit that can be used anytime. Some of the main benefits are:

  • Results start in 30 minutes
  • Teeth turn shades whiter within the first application
  • Customized mouth trays
  • Approximately 50 treatments in each kit
  • And many more

So, what is the secret behind this at home teeth whitening kit? Mint Cosmetics works because of their main ingredient, Sodium Bicarbonate. Without getting too scientific, Sodium Bicarbonate has the advantages of whitening teeth without sensitivity whilst acting up to 400% faster than other methods of home teeth whitening.

With Mint Cosmetics, customers receive 4 Sodium Bicarbonate gels, 3 customised mouth trays (which are considered some of the best on the market), an applicator tip, an instructional manual and DVD and proper packaging for the mouth trays.

If customers are concerned about their safety, they can be assured that Mint Cosmetics is both UK and EU approved. Some people are illegally selling home teeth whitening kits that may contain ingredients such as carbamide peroxide. In fact, customers have to buy some of these products through a dentist to make sure they are orally suitable to take these products. Customers can be assured that Mint Cosmetics complies with all UK and EU regulations relating to teeth whitening.

If customers want the easiest, simplest and best way to whiten their teeth at home, they should look no farther than Mint Cosmetics. They may be even able to say they have pearly whites!