How To Make Your Teeth Whiter

how to make your teeth whiter

As one grows older, the colour of ones teeth tends to change. This is due to the age-long accumulation of debris on the teeth. Additionally, some individuals do not have good dental habits and they tend to leave the teeth uncared for. This will end up leading to badly stained teeth. In case you want to make your teeth whiter after such long period of consistent staining, there are several methods that can be used successfully. The natural colour of the teeth in some individuals is not completely white however it is still possible for such individuals to make their teeth whiter. Some of our top tips on how to make your teeth whiter are to be found below…

  • Consistent washing – Leaving debris and stains on the teeth for too long can be one of the reasons the teeth become decayed and discoloured. In order to prevent this discolouration, it is better to consistently wash the teeth. Dentists will always advise that the teeth should be brushed up to twice in a day. In order to get whiter teeth, you should endeavor to brush the teeth up to three times in a day or after every meal.
  • Surgical procedures – Some simple surgical procedures can also be utilized to make your teeth whiter. Those who do not have naturally white teeth may not find this method helpful. The scraping will only be able to remove the deposited debris on the teeth and may not make it as white as expected.
  • Bleaching – This is one sure-fire way to make your teeth whiter. The bleach will penetrate into the fabric of the enamel and bleach out the discolouration. The bleach needs to be diluted well enough so that it will not damage the nerve endings in the mouth and it is highly recommended that you purchase premixed kits and not attempt to mix your own at home! With proper dilution, the bleach can work on the teeth without causing any damage. At the end of the day, it will make your teeth whiter.
  • Malic acid – Another thing you can do to help how to make your teeth whiter involves the use of malic acid. The solution should not be used alone; instead, it should be mixed with baking soda and strawberry. The paste derived from this mixture should be applied on the enamel of the teeth and left for up to five minutes. After five minutes, you can wash the paste off from the teeth. Use the normal toothpaste to wash the teeth after this and you can be sure of getting whiter teeth after a few days of consistent application. You do not need to carry out the application for more than a week before you will note that your teeth are getting whiter.
  • Hydrogen peroxide – Hydrogen peroxide can also be used to make your teeth whiter. The solution can be used the same way as bleach and again we strongly suggest you purchase off the shelf premixed kits. With proper dilution, the solution can get your teeth whitened without any damage to the enamel. Hydrogen peroxide can also give you stronger teeth.


Before you make use of any of the home-grown methods on how to make your teeth whiter, you should consult your dentist. The professional advice of the dentist can help to get things done safely and you will end up with whiter and healthier teeth.