Laser Teeth Whitening Side Effects

laser teeth whitening side effects

There are many different methods out there for teeth whitening including professional bleaching and laser teeth whitening by the dentist, whitening toothpaste, white strips from the chemists, and teeth whitening kits like the kit from Mint Cosmetics. Each one has their own benefits in terms of whitening the teeth but some methods are more dangerous than others.

The fastest way to whiten the teeth is with a laser teeth whitening session at the dentist. The laser teeth whitening session lasts only up to an hour before you have achieved maximum brightness of the teeth. Some at home kits can not achieve results this quickly but the at home kit may be the preferred choice for a good reason. Though laser teeth whitening is done by a professional and it is a very quick procedure there are some potential laser teeth whitening side effects that are more common than not. Because there is a very strong laser involved in laser teeth whitening the patient is subject to the effects of this laser.

Though the dentist applies sunscreen to the lips before the laser is turned on the very intense UV light from the laser can easily penetrate through the sunscreen and burn areas of the mouth. Reported side effects include burns in the mouth and lips like burned upper lips, burned lower lips and burned gums. Though an irritating burn may not seem like a very severe side effect the burns are not just felt but can be seen as well. The burns can result in very prominent swelling of the lips that does not go down for days or even a week. Because most people use the dentists alternative for quick teeth whitening due to an upcoming event, occasion or celebration this can be a very disheartening problem. Instead of having a bright and youthful looking smile at this event or occasion the patient will show up with bright white teeth but two additional intensely swollen lips. These laser teeth whitening side effects are embarrassing, unsightly and can totally defeat the purpose of trying to improve the smile.

There is very little risk of side effects associated with using Mint Cosmetics at home whitening kit. This whitening kit uses the same gel that professional dentists use to whiten the teeth just without the use of the intense UV laser light. Using an at home kit like the one from Mint Cosmetics can take a little longer than an hour to achieve results but there is none of the risk or laser teeth whitening side effects. Though it may take longer than an hour to achieve the maximum whiteness promised by one hour of laser whitening there is definitely an improvement in the teeth after even just one half hour of use with Mint Cosmetics. In just thirty minutes the teeth can look shades lighter and the at home kit allows the user to increase the whiteness of the teeth as they choose for up to fifty treatments. Mint Cosmetics whitening kit is definitely the way to go to completely avoid those swollen lips and burns from the laser.