Teeth Whitening Gel – A Modern Marvel

teeth whitening gel

Thousands of individuals spend their hard-earned pounds on expensive professional teeth whitening treatments. This is unnecessary. Recent advances make it possible to achieve a dazzling smile at home with teeth whitening gel. Studies have shown that white teeth make people appear younger and more attractive. This boosts confidence and creates an award-winning smile. Some formulas require less than an hour per application to see fantastic results. It’s easier than ever to enhance one’s appearance.

Discoloured teeth are a problem that plagues millions of individuals. Ageing, smoking, certain medications, coffee, tea, and other dark coloured beverages, genetics, improper dental hygiene, disease, environment, and trauma to the tooth, can contribute to those undesirable shades of yellow and grey. In the past, it was often necessary to seek professional treatment to get the most dramatic results. For years, at-home products consisted of weak formulas and lacked customised mouth trays. This resulted in uneven whitening and a minimal impact on the smile.

Teeth whitening gel has seen a surge in popularity, because the ingredients have improved and the process is simple and safe. Many of these gels are painted on the teeth. However, saliva washes away the gel and renders this method ineffective. Using a customisable mouth tray will protect the gel while it works. The whitening product oxidises stains on the teeth and results can last up to a year. Typically, the whitening programmes require the user to apply the gel once or twice per day, wait between 30 minutes to overnight while it whitens, and repeat over a period of time. It’s essential to choose the correct brand, because some types of teeth whitening gel can take months to work.

A few select brands have been given permission to offer stronger formulas in the EU. One such brand, Mint Cosmetics, boasts a revolutionary new formula containing 35-percent sodium bicarbonate. This is preferable to carbamide peroxide-based products, which need four to six hours to achieve the same whitening effect. Mint Cosmetics relies on the ingredients used by dentists and offers a mould that can be customised to the consumer’s specific mouth. The mouth piece is nearly dental lab quality at a small portion of the cost. Due to the unique ingredients found in the formula, this brand’s teeth whitening gel lightens teeth by several shade after only 30 minutes. These results can last up to two years.

One reason individuals consistently turn to in-home whitening treatments is cost. In-office dental treatments are extremely expensive. Even the at-home systems offered by dentists can cost up to 500 pounds due to laboratory fees. When trying to save money, many people purchase packages that offer mouth trays that slip and slide in the mouth. This causes discomfort and allows saliva to come into contact with the formula. Mint Cosmetics’ system includes instructions on how to shape the mould for a customised fit. Skipping a visit to the dental laboratory provides whitening at a fraction of the cost. The tight, comfortable fit ensures that saliva is kept at bay for maximum results.

Teeth whitening gels are an affordable, effective means of achieving a sparkling smile. To get the best results, one should choose a high-quality whitening system. Mint Cosmetics offers the most advanced products for safe, effective, and fast whitening action.