Teeth Whitening Kits

teeth whitening kits

It may surprise you to know that some form of teeth whitening has been around for over one hundred years, it began with the use of oxalic acid as the whitening agent, moving onto the use of hydrogen peroxide and by the early 20th century high intensity lights had been introduced to speed up the process. There are many reasons for tooth discoloration – drinking coffee, red wine, smoking, age, foods and drinks with strong colouring and protracted use of some medicines, may all contribute to colour change in teeth and the desire to improve the look of our teeth with a teeth whitening kit.

There are several different methods of teeth whitening available to the consumer today. Either at the dentist or by using one of the kits which are readily available on the high street and which are a safe and effective way to get the desired whitening effect at home. Using a kit will obviously be the much cheaper option although the advice of your dentist should still be sought.

Today teeth whitening kits which can help to lighten your teeth are readily available in almost any pharmacy without a prescription or a dental consultation. A teeth whitening kit should contain all that is required to carry out an at-home treatment. The kit will contain a rubber mould which will be more or less the same shape and size as your teeth and the whitening agent – usually in the form of tubes of gel and of course the directives which should always be followed for the best results. Generally some of the gel is to be spread around the inside of the moulds which are then placed over your teeth and left for the proscribed period of time.

The gel in teeth whitening kits usually contain hydrogen peroxide a chemical which will break down and react in your mouth, with the breakdown of the hydrogen peroxide so oxygen is realised and it is the contact of the oxygen with the enamel of your teeth which causes the whitening effect – depending on the person this effect can last from just a few months up to three years!

The use of hydrogen peroxide, or bleach, in teeth whitening kits maybe a little disconcerting, however it will be of a very weak dilution – not as strong as that used by dentists by any means. You would do well to shop around before buying – as with most products some teeth whitening kits are better than others. Most kits have a fairly decent shelf life – which means if you have any leftover gel it can be safely stored for us at a later date. If you want to avoid the presence of hydrogen peroxide you could choose a kit from mintcosmetics.co.uk where they use a 35% solution of sodium bicarbonate in their product

Using a teeth whitening kit is an easy, efficient and safe way to improve the appearance of your teeth if you buy from an excellent company like mintcosmetics.co.uk you will have the added peace of mind that you are getting a quality product at an economical price.