How To Whiten Teeth At Home

how to whiten teeth at home

Lots of advancement had been made in the dental world and gone are the days when you have to make do with an embarrassing colour of your teeth. It is now possible for you to get your teeth whitened in case you do not like the colour the teeth has. Even if the natural colour of your teeth is not white, there are still several things that can be done to make the teeth very white and give you the confidence to have a bright fresh looking smile. In times past, you may have to pay visit to the hospitals and seen a dentist before you can ever get your teeth whitened, however these days it is possible for you to get your teeth whitened while at home using one of a number of different methods…

Use bleach

One of the things that can be responsible for the colouring of the teeth is debris. If debris is allowed to remain on the teeth for to long, it can stain the tooth. The bleach solution is made in such a way that it can help to remove any debris that is hidden in your teeth and help to prevent such debris from leading to teeth decay. It can also work on the enamel of the teeth and gently bleach it; leaving whiter teeth in its wake. The bleach should be diluted adequately so that it does not affect the nerve endings in your mouth. This method can however be considerably painful. But the pain felt as a result will never be for long. If you are looking for how to whiten teeth at home without much cost, you should then look into this particular method.

Caution on the use of Hydrogen peroxide solution

The use of hydrogen peroxide as a means of teeth whitening can be extremely dangerous when not carried out by a qualified professional. Many people have this wrong notion that it can be used as a teeth bleach agent, which whilst this may be technically true in the wrong dosage it can cause serious damage. Do not use hydrogen peroxide on your teeth. Instead, dental experts recommend that you buy only approved pre-mixed kits.

Who can use the bleach?

It is not safe for kids to make use of the method described above to get their teeth whitened. The membranes in the mouth of these kids are still very soft and they are not well adapted for the harsh impact of the bleach solution. Kids do not need more than consistent washing of their teeth to maintain a white smile. Only adults may have reason to apply the solution to their teeth; since the adult tooth tends to get discoloured as one gets older due to the accumulation of debris on the teeth.


Home teeth whitening kits have been prepared to help in giving you a whiter tooth in the comfort of your own home. It is also very easy to buy the kits over the counter and are available at very low-cost.

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