How To Whiten Your Teeth

How to whiten your teeth

A whiter tooth is sure to give you a more radiant look. A simple smile is enough to tell the whole world the story of how white your teeth are and this smile can open doors where many have been unable to enter. There are so many methods available today for the whitening of your teeth. Some methods are considerably expensive, while you will not have to pay much to get some of the other methods done and it is our aim to enlighten you on how to whiten your teeth.

The dental care

You can get your teeth whitened at the hospital and, of course, the professional who will help you out is called a dentist. He is trained to deal with any form of teething problem and he can also work on the enamel of your teeth and make the thing whiter than it had been before. The cost of carrying this out is however expensive. The cost is not covered at all by health insurance and you should be prepared to pay every penny incurred in the process of the professional teeth whitening treatment. Various methods are used to get things done. Some simple surgical procedures can be implemented and laser treatment method can also be applied to get the teeth whitened. Some dentists may even charge you as high as £400 to get your teeth whitened, the professional cleaning of your teeth is however highly dependable.

Simple home teeth whitening methods

Malic acid is one of the simplest materials that can be used to get your teeth whitened. In your search for how to whiten your teeth, you can always put your trust in this method. It is sure to get the teeth whitened without any problem whatsoever. Malic acid can be adequately diluted to be used by kids. Its concentration should not be more than about 25%. The solution can be obtained over the counter and it is not expensive at all. Once applied, the malic acid solution will help to remove any discoloration from the teeth and get the teeth whitened. The malic acid can however damage the enamel on you r teeth. Because of this, it should not be used too often.

Add strawberry to baking soda

Strawberry and baking soda can make one of the most reliable solutions for whitening your teeth. The solution can be prepared at home and it will help to remove any discolouration on your teeth after it had been applied. This method had been discovered to be one of the fastest ways to get your teeth white. Both baking soda and straw berry can be obtained very easily, strawberry can be bought at the grocery while you can get the baking soda over the counter at any of the drug stores around. You need to crush the strawberry into a pulp and pour the baking soda in. Mix the two and apply on the teeth with toothbrush.


After applying the mixture, leave for about five minutes and rinse it off. You should then use the normal toothpaste to wash the mouth. This method is one of the best to depend upon if you are looking for how to whiten your teeth. You are not expected to apply the method for more than a week. If you are consistent with the application, you can be sure of a positive result at the end of the week.